Stackin' Stylez is a freestyle dance festival dedicated to preserving and promoting Boston's unique freestyle dance culture. We celebrate both our rich history and the evolving present. Integrating these forces invites every participant into a space of growth and transformation, while fostering in a vibrant new era for street style dance in Boston.


  • Growing generational gaps between dancers
  • A dying stagnant freestyle dance community in Boston
  • Misinformation and lack of historical context for the origins of black dance movements and culture

Honoring the OGs

Cultural exchange


Culture Shifters

Freestyle Concepts


Stackin' Stylez Freestyle Dance Festival

A full breakdown of the Stackin' Stylez weekend of festivities can be found below

Friday 9/9 at Stiggity East, East Boston
5pm-7pm - 2 special guest dance workshops
7pm-9pm - Panel Discussion featuring Joe Styles, Nutella K, Stiggity Stackz, and Megatron

10pm-2am - 21+ Pre-party at Zuzu in Cambridge

Saturday 9/10 at Stiggity East, East Boston
12pm-2pm - 2 special guest dance workshops
3pm -7pm - Preliminary round for the Main event competition

Sunday 9/11 at The Middle East Night Club (Downstairs)
6pm-10:30pm - Main Event

In order to compete in the battle, you must register via the registration button at the Bottom of the page. The prelims will take place the day before the main event, Saturday 9/10 at Stiggity East in East Boston. Competitors will go head to head in a 1v1 battle format prelim and our special guest Judge will select at Top 11 to compete in a bracket with our invited battle guest at the main event, Sunday 9/11.

There is a fee for both days, unless you pay for both days, your payment for Saturday's event will not automatically register you for main event on Sunday.

The winner of Stackin' Stylez Freestyle Dance Festival will receive at $700 cash prize, along with a trophy, Stiggity merch, and a gift from our vendors.

This is a family friendly event, all ages are encourage to join all 3 days of the festival. There will be a cash bar at the main event for all attendees age 21 and over. There will also be local vendors and merchants available to shop. You can register for the festival via the registration button below.

Friday 9/9 at Stiggity East, East Boston
5pm - House w/ Nutella K
6pm - Krump w/ Brutal

Saturday 9/10 at Stiggity East, East Boston
12pm - Freestyle w/ Kosi
1pm - House w/ Prince Wayne

StackBNB is a guest/host skill share program that allows locals in the Boston community to host out of town guest/competitors in exchange for a skill share, instead of monetary compensation. Our team will match the best candidates based on the information submitted via this form.
Once completed a member of our team will be in touch with updates as they come in.
If you would like to participate as a guest or a host, please fill out the form linked above.


Inferna: @_Keda247

Thank you Stackin Stylez for continuing this festival despite the pandemic and creating a beautiful/organized environment for everyone involved to feel more at ease.


Rascal Randi: @rascalrandi

I feel a strong connection with Boston still, and know I'm going to continue to build out there!


Ki-Nen: @kidashnen

Stackin' Stylez' has impacted my journey courtesy of their unique format. After my first experience with the concepts implemented at the Stackin' Stylez event. My movement gained more range allowing my imagination to take many new forms moving forward.


Jeff: @d_jeffjp

Stackin' Stylez has impacted my journey by inspiring us to grow and share with each other not just the styles of dance but love of dance.

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