Stiggity SMMR Dance Program

Stackin' Stylez SMMR Freestyle Dance Series

Featuring Megatron, Gutta, Big Rip, & Yyoyo

July 9th - August 1st

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Field Classes, takes us out of the traditional classroom format and brings us into the community to experience Boston's unique dance history as an on-site tour and through first-person storytelling.

SMMR Training Company Program

SMMR Training Company Program

July - September

This program features the Stackin’ Stylez SMMR Freestyle Dance Series along with additional weekly training sessions, accountability videos, exclusive recorded content, group & solo video projects, weekly study sessions, and more


at Stiggity East

SelectClassDetailsTotal Price
102616FalseSMMR Freestyle Dance Seriesw/ Megatron, Gutta, Big Rip, & Yyoyo$200.00
102816FalseSMMR Training Company ProgramIncluding SMMR Freestyle Dance Series$375.00
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