Creative Entrepreneurship Development Cohort: Empowering Your Vision

Welcome to our transformative Creative Entrepreneurship Development Cohort, where we empower aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their creative visions into thriving businesses. Our program is designed to provide you with the essential tools and strategies to build a strong foundation for your creative enterprise.

Program Highlights:

  • Strategic Vision and System Development:
    • Learn how to leverage credit wisely to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.
    • Develop a clear strategy to turn your creative vision into a comprehensive and actionable plan.
    • Acquire the skills to organize your ideas into a solid business framework.
  • Resource Optimization:
    • Uncover and tap into previously untapped resources to fuel your business growth.
    • Gain insights on how to maximize your available assets for optimal results.
  • Step-by-Step Business Incorporation:
    • Receive comprehensive guidance on the step-by-step process of incorporating your business with the state.
    • Navigate the legal and administrative aspects with confidence, ensuring a seamless and compliant business structure.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our cohort is more than just a program; it's a supportive community where creative minds come together to learn, grow, and succeed. We provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

Why Join Us:

  • Unlock the potential of your creative ideas through strategic planning.
  • Gain financial literacy and credit leverage strategies for sustainable growth.
  • Receive hands-on support in navigating the process of incorporating your business with the state.

Embark on this journey with us and turn your creative passion into a successful and sustainable venture. Together, let's build a future where your creativity meets entrepreneurial success.

Life Builders Cohort Program 2024


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Course details

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Access to Phone/laptop for zoom meetings

A note book


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Do you offer a payment plan?

-Yes, there are 2 payment plans. The first payment plan (most recommended) is half due during registration and the other half is due on the day of the onboarding session. The second payment plan is a bit more expensive ($20+ to cover the fees of breaking up the payments). Half is due during registration and the rest of the payments broken up in to 4 payments will be due before each meeting.

How long is the program?

-Typically about a month and a half. During each meeting we vote on when the next meeting will be and the most ideal date is selected. Usually it is about 2 weeks out but depending on members of the cohorts availability, it could be shorter or longer.

Is the schedule Flexible?

-Yes, During each meeting we vote on when the next meeting will be and the most ideal date is selected. Usually it is about 2 weeks out but depending on members of the cohorts availability, it could be shorter or longer.

What if I don't want to start a business?

-This program is a great resource to create/fine tune systems of organization. We go through strategies that can be applied even if you don’t plan to start a business yet and or don’t know what you want to do.

What if I already have a business?

-In addition to helping creatives get started on their entrepreneurial journey, more experienced entrepreneurs will still benefit from course material that is geared towards understanding unconventional financial and organizational strategies, developing systems to help expand and align your business with your values/community, as well as accessing our networking/resource sharing platform via past/current/future life builders collective members.

Beyond course materials, what other benefits does this course offer?

-Peer mentoring/skill share
-Discount on Life Builders Collective services
-Access to LBC google group email list
-Access to updated course materials

  • Peer mentoring/skill share
  • Discount on Life Builders Collective services
  • Access to LBC google group email list
  • Access to updated course materials

How long are the course videos?

-Course videos modules range from 20-60 mins.

Will we receive the modules ahead of time?

-Yes, You will have access to the modules upon signing up and will be required to watch each module and do the course assignment before each module meeting.

Will the module meetings be recorded?

-Yes, they are recorded and you will have access to the course videos, as well as the module meetings for up to a year after the date of your registration.


Jarius King Social: @MOGDANCE Performing Arts & Entertainment

As a father and financial provider to my family, especially as one seeking to make a living through my skills in arts and education, COVID killed all the industries I worked in. Having been somewhat on track to eliminating debt and getting a leg up in life, the blows I suffered financially due to the pandemic and civil unrest where I live abroad were major. Second guessing life decisions and questioning my self-worth as both an artist, and a father, abounded. But this course was right on time. I learned so much about how credit works and it made me unafraid of money; which is just a resource. I had a major mental shift towards enthusiasm, self-affirmation, and hope versus anxiety, battling depression and degrading my path as an artist. I've been set on a path to finally maximize my potential. This course was transformational to say the least!


Zangar Freeman Social: @ZMakesBeads Jewelry Store

Stackz had helped me to build my business and get all of my legal documents in order. This cohort had helped me to organize and legitimize my business. Because of this I can really treat my craft as a business and not a side gig. Now I am on the way to developing business credit and making ZMakesBeads a bigger entity


Ynav Silva Social: @YnavAvlis Holistic Wellness

I have gained an invaluable amount of resources as it pertains to financial knowledge and freedom! The tools and resources provided by the facilitator/host was a wealth of information that I will value for years to come. I am truly grateful!

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