About the Foundation

The Foundation started as a free weekly training program for local dancers, and has turned into a yearly battle event and fundraising effort for the Stackin’ Stylez Freestyle Dance Festival. Compared to Stackin’ Stylez, The Foundation is a much more intimate event. Because of its size, it's become an encouraging and collaborative space, where amateur dancers battle for the first time and experienced competitors can be more exploratory.

Fundraising Initiative

Every Year, we create a community initiative for Stackin Stylez to bridge the gap between high level freestyle dance and community work. Last year we partnered several dancers to non profits around the world, in the first ever livestream fundraiser competition series. With this initiative we were able to raise over $20,000 and support 16 non profits who work tirelessly on the frontlines to aid community and global disparities. This year we are building a local initiative in the spirit of recent projects such as Stackin’ Boston and the Digital Story Map series featuring stories from boston dance elders. We are partnering with community organizations and spaces to facilitate a free workshop series tour for youth and families in the Boston community. SSW will be inviting local dancers to participate in a teacher development cohort, based in curriculum building, skill, and contextual development. These dancers will then be stationed at different community centers that we partner with via a seasonal and/or 6 week supplemental dance class series. Our goal is to create access to authentic freestyle dance training while also preparing dancers in the community to continue doing this type of work long term.


Foundation Details

The Middle East Night Club and Restaurant (Corner Bar)
472-480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139


Date: Sunday February 12th
Time: 7pm-12am

To enter the freestyle battle category, fill out the competitor form here. You will have 45 seconds to showcase your skills to a random track selection from our DJ. Judges will select a Top 10 to move on to the top 16 bracket with out Infinite Possibilities Series battle guest. The top 8 round will be a 2 to loose (reverse 7 to smoke) battle format. The last 2 competitors will battle in a 3 round final.
A winner will be crowned The Foundation WNTR 2023 Champion.

The champion will received a trophy along with a $250 cash prize and Stiggity merch.

The event is free and open to the public. It is an all age family friendly event and there will be drinks available for purchase at the bar.

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Stiggity Foundation 2023 Registration Form

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Please help us understand how you identify. StiggityStackz Worldwide strives to cultivate diversity within our programs and events. This information will help us ensure we are reaching our community engagement goals while also helping us to consider how we can improve our overall level of diversity.


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