About the Foundation

The Foundation started as a free weekly training program for local dancers, and has turned into a yearly battle event and fundraising effort for the Stackin’ Stylez Freestyle Dance Festival. Compared to Stackin’ Stylez, The Foundation is a much more intimate event. Because of its size, it's become an encouraging and collaborative space, where amateur dancers battle for the first time and experienced competitors can be more exploratory.

Fundraising Initiative

Every Year, we create a community initiative for Stackin Stylez to bridge the gap between high-level freestyle dance and community work. In 2020, we partnered several dancers with non-profits around the world, in the first-ever livestream fundraiser competition series. With this initiative, we were able to raise over $20,000 and support 16 non-profits who work tirelessly on the frontlines to aid community and global disparities. This year we are building a local initiative based on workforce development.

Stack The City

Thanks to your generous support of the 'Stack the City' campaign, we have achieved our goal and earned a matching grant. This grant will enable us to enhance our equipment inventory, leading to cost savings in production. By doing so, we can allocate more funds directly to local artists, provide support to the local creative community for production requirements, and advance our Stack The City community workforce development initiative. Your contribution has truly made a significant impact on our mission.

Embark on a transformative journey with StiggityStackz Worldwide Inc.'s dynamic program components. From the Youth Dance Program fostering mentorship in Boston's public spaces to Arts Collaboration crafting unique apparel with local artists, and exciting Low Stakes Prototype Dance Battles curated by aspiring event organizers – our 2024 initiatives aim to amplify cultural engagement. These efforts yield outcomes of enhanced visibility for local art forms, vital support for educators and creators, and collaborative experiences that pave the way for longterm community initiatives. Thanks to MGCC's Biz M Power Matching Grant and community support, SSW has acquired production equipment. This enables us to save on rentals, allocate more funds to local artists, and create side gigs for youth and aspiring crew members who receive hands-on training in equipment setup.


Foundation Details

Spectacle Island

Participants and Spectators should plan to arrive and check in at the Long Wharf dock at 11:00 am to board the ferry at Noon. There will be a long line and registered guest will receive their tickets on a first come first serve basis.


Date: Saturday, July 6th, 2024
Time: 11:15 pm - 5:30 pm

To enter the freestyle battle category,fill out the competitor form here. Sign-ups are limited to 60 competitors due to time restrictions. Once you are at the event, you will have 45 seconds to showcase your skills to a random track selection from our DJ. Judges will select the top 16 dancers to move on to the top 16 bracket. The top 8 rounds will be a 2 to loose (reverse 7 to smoke) battle format. Once we get down to the Top 4 dancers, competitors will have to compete to live music song covers performed by MEGAZOYD. The final 2 competitors will battle in a 3 round final.

A winner will be crowned The Foundation SMMR 2024 Champion and King/Queen of the Island.

The champion will receive a plaque along with a $500 cash prize and Stiggity Merch.

The event is free and open to the public. It is an all-age family-friendly event and there will be drinks available for purchase via the ferry to and from the island and via a snack bar on the island.

You can also bring your food and drinks but there is a carry-on carry-off policy on the island, any waste you bring, you must carry off the island and discard back at the wharf.

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