StiggityStackz Worldwideis Boston’s homefor historically-rootedfreestyle dance.

Freestyle dance is a cultural black artform: an evolution of movements created by the culture as a means for self expression and community building. With respect to these foundations, SSW has established a pathway for artists of all ages and backgrounds to develop a relationship with their body, movement and rhythm. These core connections are the base for expressing our unique stories, building confidence, finding flow, and developing community. From dance coaching and freestyle festivals, to media production and entrepreneurial workshops, SSW is committed to providing the space and resources to inspire individual and community-level transformation, while establishing Boston as hub for creation and innovation within the freestyle dance scene.


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Stiggity East

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Stiggity East
Life Builders

Stiggity East | Life Builders Lounge

Two-minute walk from Maverick Station

Located in East Boston at Boston East Apartments, this luxurious loft sits on the harbor and enjoys one of Boston's best views. Stiggity East functions as a small retail & dance space offering supplemental dance classes and private training geared toward fundamentals in various street styles including, Hip-Hop, Popping, Krump, Dancehall, and more.

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